Meet the Chickens

Posted by on Sep 9, 2012 in Kids'-Eye View, Recent Posts | 16 comments

Meet the Chickens

This is me, Ella, the chicken watcher showing you all of my chickens.

This is her mama posting for her.


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  1. Love the Chicken Keeper video and the English accent. Love how she ended it with a Spanish “Adios”…lol.

    • That’s our girl! 🙂

  2. Ella has the job in hand and is doing worthy work. Lovely yard

    • Thank you! It is worthy work and so much fun!

  3. Love it! Love it! Love it! (What more is there to say?)

    • 🙂 Hey there, Becky!

  4. OMG, quite the reporter and where did you get that accent….so goood
    Love the intro and the comment “Pipe down” That’s Ella

    • “Pipe down” cracks me up. I love her so.

  5. Ah, Ella dahling. You made my day. Those are some vocal chickens there that you have. They are also very beautiful. The eggs must be delicious!

    • Ella says, “We got a rooster, and he is even louder, but only at sunrise. It’s better to wake up to him than Mommy.” 😛

  6. Too cute! Jack enjoyed it as well. I cracked up when she said she had stepped in a huge pile of chicken poo. Those eggs look yummy!

    • She’ll be happy to know she made you laugh. That’s her goal in life “To make people smile.” 🙂

  7. You have a Java who makes as much racket as ours – they seem to be very chatty birds. Great job on the video Ella! Excellent accent!

    • Oh, she’s a Java? I really don’t know what types of birds we have. We got the old birds from our friends at Well Fed Farm 🙂 We have lots to learn. I’ll share your comment with Ella when she gets home. She’ll be happy.

  8. How do you keep the cost of feed down? It seems that keeping a few chickens around can be very costly. The price of feed is pretty high. Do you have an alternative feed that you that you give? Do you have any tips on raising a few chickens in your backyard without busting your wallet?

    • Hi Kelly,
      Good question! We are new at this, but what we do so far is feed them all food scraps from our kitchen. We used to compost all of the food scraps, so now it gets one more use before becoming compost! Now we compost the chicken manure. We also let them in the garden during the off-season, so they get much of their needs on their own–eating up the bugs and slugs. Also, our chickens loved eating the sunflower seeds off of the many sunflowers I grew this year, so that was a fun accidental discovery! As the flowers died, I gave the chickens the flower heads. They loved it so much, they fought over them. I get excited when I find another use for the things we are already doing! Free-ranging is the best way to reduce costs, but that is not a real option for us with all of the predators and neighbor dogs. Here’s a good article on the subject:
      Good luck!!