A Tribute to Lovely

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A Tribute to Lovely

Tammy Strobel of Rowdy Kittens is enrolling now for her fall Writing in the Digital Age e-course starting October 1st. I participated in the course this summer, and I highly recommend it! Tammy’s dedication to her writing practice inspires me, and I can’t help but notice her sweet love affair with the word lovely. I’ve noticed that word in my own writing and have tried to replace it. It’s a hard-to-replace-kind-of word. Here’s an exercise from my journal during the writing course, a tribute to the word lovely:

* * *

Life is lovely in summertime with its sunflowers creating an arch over the pathway. With an abundant garden covered in flowering weeds. With deep soaking rain turning ground to sponge. With its outdoor living, live music, potluck parties, farmers market, friends.

People are lovely—the way they come into our lives at just the right moment and are part of a larger story. What a lovely story we people make as we navigate our way through life.

Aging is lovely—the way we gain perspective on some of our story. The way relationships deepen, and we almost figure out how to communicate.

Marriage is lovely—the way he thinks my gray hair is hot.

Living tiny is lovely—the way the constraints of the walls require creativity. The way it requires such simplicity that life becomes rich. The way I can breathe deeper.

Kids are lovely—the way they just want to have fun and be happy. The way they want happiness for everyone else, too. The way they can see and support both sides of a story. The way they push every button I have.

Great Pyrenees is lovely—the way she keeps the predators away from the chickens. The way she protects garden, land and family.

* * *

I am excited to be part of Tammy’s blog book tour and even more excited for her to realize her dream of having a real live print book out in the world! Tomorrow, I’ll share my interview with her as well as an excerpt from her new book: You Can Buy Happiness (and It’s Cheap): How One Woman Radically Simplified Her Life and How You Can Too.

Soak up these last days of summer!

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