How We Created a Delightful Christmas in Our Tiny House

Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in Parent, Recent Posts | 10 comments

How We Created a Delightful Christmas in Our Tiny House

The wind has blown in the cold, and even though the calendar says it’s fall, it feels like winter. The jack-o-lantern sits frozen on the deck, and the heat is cranked. Donna the Kitty is cleaning her fur next to me while Sunna, our giant dog, runs up and down the hillside protecting the chickens from bunnies, squirrels and neighbor dogs. I’m thankful sitting inside our warm and cozy home listening to the wind howl.

I thought I’d do a quick post to tell you that I am now a regular contributor to! I am thankful to Alex Pino for giving me to opportunity to share with his community. For the next few weeks, I will share some ways that we created a tiny Christmas full of connection and joy.

Click here to read my post at Tiny House Talk.

Click here to read last year’s Christmas post.

I hope you are warm!

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  1. Aw thanks Hari. I’m honored to get to have you contribute to Tiny House Talk. Hope you’re staying warm and cozy!


    • 🙂 Yes, very thankful for this little house–very warm!

  2. Wonderful photo, Hari. It looks like such an idilic setting. One where the cold wouldn’t be too much to handle.

    The weather here in Australia has been a bit crazy too. Spring didn’t really eventuate and it has been either hot (30c+) or quite chilly (mid to high teens). I’m sure, in a few decades, we’ll come to appreciate only two seasons: winter and summer.

    • Thanks, Paul! That was Christmas Eve. It was pretty special.

  3. p.s. Heard you on the Tiny Revolution postcast yesterday. It was very interesting and entertaining. Thanks for your wisdom.

    • Thank you for listening! It was a lot of fun talking with Andrew. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I appreciate you reading and commenting. Best!!

  4. Hi Hari, lovely to read about your delightful christmas on ‘tiny house’. The lights and the fire make a pretty scene….hopefully it’s not too cold. Here in Brisbane we usually find christmas pretty hot. Not a snowflake in sight – except maybe one made from icing on top of the christmas cake. I have seen your blog before and enjoyed reading what you have done as a family living in your tiny house. We’ve taken to having a family secret santa giving time which someone accidently called ‘super santa’ the other day when we were discussing if we would do it again this year. ‘Yes please’. My request last year was for some hydranga plants – I got about 8 plants and now that it’s spring they are all blooming and beautiful – huge white flower heads full of small blossoms – so lovely. I was my daughter’s secret santa – her request was for olive trees so I got her 2 and some lavendar bushes – the olive trees have tiny bunches of olives on them now – can’t wait to see the olives ripe and ready for picking. Really looking forward to reading more from you. Mary

    • I love the idea of giving plants! Good for your family. It bet it’s fun watching them grow and remembering the day you received them. Thanks for reading and sharing your experience! Best!!

  5. I was looking through my favorites and saw the Tiny House Talk article, congrats! Have you guys figured out (re: tree) for this year? I saw in last year’s you guys thought about putting one up outside. We brought over our old tiny lit tree that got us through all of the military moves (corporate housing, a 900 sqft temp rental also..) It’s about 2-3 feet. I’d rather have a real one.. but we’re part timers, so I don’t want to ask the relatives to water in between stays. Also, thought some fresh sprigs in a vase on a table top decorated or on top of the electric fireplace was another way we could go. Hope this Winter is better for you, read that you guys battled a bit with the dark.

    • Hi, Hawk’s Nest!
      We talked about digging up last year’s tree and using it again, but I think we’ll buy another potted tree and plant it–seems fun to have a collection of living memories. I’m feeling a lot more settled this year, and having lived through one winter already makes me feel a lot more optimistic! Thanks for thinking of us! xo