A Tiny Remodel

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A Tiny Remodel

The key to living in this tiny space is staying in touch with every square inch. Are we utilizing it as efficiently as we possibly can? Are there forgotten things taking up space? Even in this tiny space we accumulate stuff we don’t use.

After living in our house for almost a year and a half, we realized that we were wasting about 9 sq. ft. with our unused desk-top computer. It was easy to procrastinate this remodel, since we had six years of data including music and pictures to deal with. I finally made getting rid of the computer a priority, and it has totally changed the feel of our living room.

Karl takes out the desk and extends the couch.

Once we moved all data from the old desktop to our external hard drive and donated the computer to our local alternative school, Blue Mountain School, we removed the desk and Karl built a simple platform. I went to School House Fabrics, an amazing local fabric store, and had the nice man cut a piece of foam the exact size of the platform.

Foam and fabric for the big tiny house remodel

While I was there, I picked out complimentary fabric and totally splurged on these funny angled pieces of foam and some fabric to cover them.  They make the couch way more comfortable by supporting our backs. I do have a thing for fabric and pillows.


My mom just left after spending five nights on the couch; she loved sleeping on the new section. It was great, because there was enough room for everyone to lounge comfortably. I bet we can even fit a couple more friends at our next dinner party!

That desk corner was only functioning as a surface on which to dump junk. Without it, we have to process our piles immediately, and our space feels cleaner and a lot more comfy.

Here’s to tiny changes making huge differences!

Happy Thanksgiving!! Check out my latest installment over at TinyHouseTalk.com: Three more ways we created a lovely Christmas in our tiny house.

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  1. Hello Hari! I absolutely love School House fabrics! I especially love the back building and the fabric by the pound. The area rugs are also a great buy if you are ever looking for a very inexpensive door mat or small area rug. We bought 3×5 rugs for 6.00! They are not the highest quality rugs, but for the price, they suit the purpose intended and fit into a tight budget. So nice to find your website and I look forward to reading more of your adventure.

    I have just found your blog and am very inspired by it. It is so hard to part with “things” that you get attached to. I am in the process of going through and getting rid of things and finding stuff I had forgotten all about in the process.

    • Hi Maryelizabeth,
      So nice to hear from you! I love the back building, too! That is where I get all of the fabrics for our tiny house. They are a very nice family. I know what you mean; it is hard to let go of things we become attached to, but once you begin letting go and experiencing the freedom of less, it gets easier. Enjoy the memories–the stuff doesn’t hold those, you do!

      Thank you for reading! I wish you the best!! 🙂

  2. Dear Hari,

    I have been wanting to write you for a while to let you know, that you are a big inspiration to me. The summer of 2011 my husband and I bought a home here in Denmark (Europe), that turned out to be seriously infected with mould. So much, that we are unable to live in it. The long and short of it is, that no insurance covers the expenses for the cleansing down and rebuilding of the house, and because of the laws in our country we can hold no one responsible. Since we do not have enough money to renovate the house, we have used the last of our savings on a small house (32 square meters) where we now live; my husband, our 2 year old daughter and myself.
    Before moving in I read your blog and was very encouraged by it. It made it possible for me (us) to look forward to our new, simpler life instead of just mourning our losses.
    We have lived here for 4 weeks now and I wave back and forth between joy, thankfulness and appreciation on the one hand, and feelings of loss, mourning and envy of what others have.
    Reading your blog helps me stay with the hope and to see the immense gifts that our situation also holds.

    So thank you deeply for doing what you do!

    All the best

    • Hi Rikke,

      Your comment brings tears to my eyes. I know the feeling of loss, sadness and envy. There are days when I feel that way, too. But, gratitude and creativity have kept me looking at our blessings. We have so much!

      I am deeply honored and humbled to have the opportunity to inspire you. Be well, Rikke. We don’t always know why things happen the way they do. I always say, “We don’t know the whole story yet.”

      Much love to you and your family! xo Hari