Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

What an amazing journey 2012 has been—from the darkness and depression I experienced in January to flying to New York City to share our tiny house with a national TV audience in April, to a summer full of planting, harvesting, and canning to a glorious fall and a leap of faith. Even though so much has changed in 2012, one thing has been consistent: every Sunday, I sat down to reflect on my week, synthesized my experience into some sort of lesson, and sent an email to my letter subscribers.

I have been working on my first e-book–a compilation of these weekly letters and photographs. It is exciting and scary to think about sending these words out into the world, and I’m forever grateful to you folks who subscribe to my letters and read my blog posts. It’s incredibly encouraging to read your emails and comments.

Thanks to all of you for following our journey. I hope that through our journey, you’ve found some courage and inspiration to live your intentions.

We send you warm Christmas wishes and lots of love and courage!

Until next year. . .


One Little Christmas Tree


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  1. Thank you, Hari for being so authentic and full with faith and courage. You do inspire me and I LOVE the opportunity to “see” you and the other “Tinys” virtually.
    Blessings for a beautiful holyday!

  2. Dear Hari, Merry Christmas to you and your family! I think of you all so often as we continue to sort through our life plans, and I hope to update you in the new year. You all do inspire me too! (All I have to do is think of Karl and the rest of you getting the ground work laid for your new home–all those huge post holes–and I remind myself we can do what we set our minds to also.) And I look forward to your e-book. Hugs to all!

  3. i read a paragraph and and emotions of pure cleansing well up from within. i am so blessed to be where i am today. hari you are pure inspiration and “text” on what it means to live a life of intention. intention riding the vibration of being led. i know your vision of our “seperate journey” will be the wave of freedom i so desperately must paddle into without fear wearing no ego…

    • Love. Write me, brother.

  4. Your family is truly an inspiration. My husband and I started our business 8 years ago. In 2008 our business started struggling. We mortgaged our house to keep the business going. After 4 years of struggling we had to file bankrucpty in 2012 personel & business. We went from a 1500 sq ft house to a 515 sqft cabin. It has taken some adjustments but we love living in our tiny cabin. I am so glad that I found your blog. I felt like we were the only ones going thru this!

    • I’m so glad you found our blog, too. You are so not alone. More people are struggling in silence than we will ever know. It’s important that we start sharing our struggles, so we know we are not alone! I am sorry you had to go through such loss. It is painful, but rich with opportunities for growth and renewal. Blessings to you, Penny.


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