Reflecting on Christmases Past: Our Third Tiny House Christmas

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Reflecting on Christmases Past: Our Third Tiny House Christmas

Something about this time of year brings on the reflecting. I was looking at the blog and reading December posts from the last two years. Here are the links:

Ella’s 2011 Winter Solstice Haikus

Hari’s 2011 Winter Solstice Haikus

Our first tiny house Christmas

A three-part series I wrote for Tiny House Talk: One Two Three

Our second tiny house Christmas

My worst tiny house fear happened at Christmastime last year.

This tiny house living has taught me a lot. I’ve learned to live here and be happy. That’s one warm-fuzzy good feeling. Read my book, Coming Home: Letters from a Tiny House, for an honest look at how living tiny has shaped me.

I am so grateful for my readers. This writing is a lifeline, and readers, well you are a total bonus. Thank you for buying my book!

A couple sweet reviews about my book from

“Hari helps the reader question life choices in way that is humble and offers a bold personal challenge on big life decisions.” -Christy


“Hari Berzins invites readers not just into her tiny house, but into her soul. She lays it all out there and speaks honestly from her heart. Her family has chosen a lifestyle that cuts out all the frill that the rest of us think we need. This book provides a glimpse into the journey the family has taken in losing everything and beginning again.” -Sherry

We are doing great, especially for this time of year. So for those of you just setting out on your tiny house journey, winter gets easier as you develop your own strategies for surviving. (okay, I know, winter hasn’t even started yet, but I’m feeling optimistic)

Here are some of our strategies:

Communicate clearly.

Keep it tidy! Purge, purge, purge.

Get outside.

Get up early.

Share your story.

Reflect on your growth.

 The sale on tickets to the Tiny House Conference ends December 31st. Get $50 off with this coupon code: THF2013. We hope to see you there.

We are decorating the house this week. Stay tuned for pictures!

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