Camera Dreams Come True

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Camera Dreams Come True

I remember taking my first picture. I saved up my points from one of those school fundraisers to buy a 110 camera. I held the tiny box to my eye and snapped a picture of my cousin Kelly who was visiting from somewhere far away. The image was crooked and blurry and I thought hmmm that’s not what she looked like.

I’ve taken tens of thousands of photos since then. It’s something I love to do. It started as a way to document the moments of my life for some future me and then for some future kids. But it’s grown into so much more.

It’s become a way to express myself–an art medium. I like to compose images to remind myself of the beauty in the natural world and in humanity; when I share my photos, I hope they help you to see the preciousness of life.

This Saturday, like many of you on the east coast of the USA, I woke to at least two inches of snow blanketing our hillside. Happy November 1st! I thought about rolling over to snuggle up for a bit longer, but then I saw the soft light and the snow resting on the branches in the woods, and I had to bundle up to capture the earliest snowfall we’ve experienced in Virginia.

Big House, Early Snow DSC_0538

Taking pictures gets me outside and the photos help me connect with so many people from around the world. I’m grateful for the camera; it’s a powerful tool.

I’ve come a long way from that first 110 camera. For the last year and a half, I’ve taken pictures with the SONY Nex-5. I bought this camera with the earnings from my weekly letter*. It took me over a year to pile up those $5 bills but it was worth the wait. Thank you, Weekly Letter subscribers!

*The weekly letter was an experiment in writing for a small audience. Subscribers paid $5/month to support the project and receive the letters. I made some good friends through the project and realized how much I enjoy working closely with people. My first book, Coming Home: Letters From a Tiny House, is a compilation of these letters. This project also planted the seeds for the eCourse.

I’ve enjoyed the SONY. It was a huge step up from the tiny Olympus I was using prior.

Thanks to all of our readers and social media followers, I have a new camera now! You reading the blog and following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have helped us gain the attention of Nikon.

The story awes me as much as the camera itself. I didn’t pay for this camera! In early October we were contacted by a casting director for Nikon. After a few phone calls, they asked us to be an Eye of our generation for the #IAmGenerationImage campaign. They sent their newest camera, the Nikon D750 along with the Nikkor 24-120 lens in exchange for sharing our images and our story. Thanks, @NikonUSA!

Pinch me! This is a dream come true. I watch those folks around town with their big cameras and even told one or two that I wanted a big camera, too. I might have joked a little bit, but I was also totally serious. The only thing I’ve coveted is a camera–one that will actually take a picture the way I see it. And now I have one. I just have to learn what all of these buttons do.

I’m delighted to share this journey with you.

Woohoo! Follow your passions, people. Keep on keeping on. You never know what’s around the corner.

Here’s the announcement on Facebook.

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  1. Congrats! I would have loved to wake up to snow on Saturday but I think the rest of Oklahoma would have freaked out a bit. I really have enjoyed my Nikons and hope you get a lot of use out of yours! Beautiful house!

  2. So heart-warmed by your dreams coming true. It’s a beautiful thing!

    And the big house in snow looks absolutely peaceful and sound. We have a dust of snow this morning in the northern Arizona mountains too! It’s satisfying to have a cozy warm place to observe it from, but like you, now that the early morning light is up, the crispness is calling me outside! Fond thoughts…

    • Yes, dreams coming true is a beautiful thing. I’m enjoying this ride. Always fond thoughts …

  3. Hey Hari, I loved this post – I too am a lifelong lover of photography. I can relate to your total delight in everything to do with cameras. I really enjoyed your story. And your photos of the tiny house in the snow are great – here in the Alps we are waiting for the snow to fall and turn out tiny van home into an igloo for the winter!
    Katie. X

  4. Hari, is this the bigger house that you and your family have been building? I love it. It is so beautiful. The last time I saw the photos it was not completed. Congratulations! On the house and your new camera!

    • Hi Beverly,
      Yes, this is our big house. Thank you for your nice words about it. We finished the exterior this summer and are now working on the inside. Plumbing is finished and electric is too. Once we have the framing inspection, we get to insulate and start putting the finishing touches on. Woohoo!

  5. Congratulations! That is just wonderful. I am so happy that things are working out for you.

    As for the snow, you folks please keep your snow pictures coming. It is highly unlikely that I’ll be seeing any in this part of Texas any time soon, though our first Christmas here (2004) did surprise us with a snowfall. 🙂

    Have a blessed week and enjoy learning your new camera!

    • Thank you, Suzanne. I do have a steep learning curve with this awesome camera.

  6. Dear Hari and Tiny House Family, I’m so proud of you and happy for all of your accomplishments. Thanks for being you out in the world and someone that I can turn to, point out and say “there is a true light in this world”. Much love and appreciation for you! <3

  7. Wow! I want a tiny house…….. Someday.

    You guys make it look so easy.

    • It just looks that way, Candi. I assure you, it’s as hard as you imagine. 😉