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Expert Interview on

I was recently interviewed by Mint as part of their Expert Interview program. In our eCourse, we guide participants through an intensive look at money and help them to align spending with core values. Sharing our strategies for mindful spending, radical saving and zero-debt living makes me happy. Watching clients’ lives change for the better as they regain control of their spending and save enough to start their own mortgage-free homesteads is just awesome.

When Mint contacted me for an expert interview, my heart jumped. More people to help! They asked some thought-provoking questions, and I’m happy with my answers. Click here to read the interview¬†and let me know what you think!

After helping over 250 people get started on the path to mortgage-freedom, we've learned a lot more about what it takes, the pitfalls, the tricks and triumphs of living a zero-debt life of intention. We're taking what we've learned and creating a whole new series of courses to help even more of you reach your dreams. Sign up for our newsletter to get first dibs on the limited seats in our new course.

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