The Miracle of Tiny Steps

Posted by on Jun 2, 2015 in Build, Recent Posts | 6 comments

The Miracle of Tiny Steps

It’s been full on work around the homestead these days. Karl’s pushing hard to finish the big house;  I am so in love with this man and his creativity. I walked around admiring the finished trim, tile, stairwell and the barn wood lined coat closet, and I realized that soon we will live there.  Weird. We’ve been building, building, building for years, and soon we’ll be done building and we’ll have a beautiful, hand-built, paid for home. Even though we’ve paid for it with time, patience, four long winters in a tiny house, and a few less-than-desirable jobs, I still can’t believe we are going to live in our mortgage-free dream house in the next few months.

Sometimes, hard work seems like a miracle. The miracle is waking up each day and doing something to get a tiny bit closer, and then doing it again the next day. And someday, you wake up, and you are there.

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  1. Having followed you guys all along , I am so proud of you guys , you just about have it made . What fun it will be to have your first winter there . I was looking around the other day and thinking this was just an old over grown field 20 years ago and though my husband passed away I have kept up the repairs and improvement to the place and everyone told me sell that place but i help from the begining . I cannot do all the phyical work my self but i pick my porject save money to take care of it then find some one who does the work i cannot do and it all come around and it is a nice feeling when it is done and the same with our replacement h ome in nc . I am so proud of you all , i feel like i know you and sometime when i am down home maybe i can take a drive up and see wall you all have accomplished . you all took a lemon and life and you have worked hard and figured out way to accomplish what is next and are all most to home base liteally so you all can be very proudn . pour a little concete place maybe a place under a tree for a cool stone bench and put the date and hand prints or footprint and what ever you want birthday and name of all and then use concrete sealer and you will have a keep sake for a long long time be like a movie star but you are the stars of you own move on the walk of fame but with a nice bench or two or something comfortable for talking and reading . this way you will always have a nice reminder and hopefull this place will be passed on and on and truly be the heritage for your family . Congratulations to all of you. Virginia shuler .

    • It’s so nice to hear from you, Virginia. Your letters have touched my heart over these lady years. I’d love to have you up for a visit, tour the homestead and sit with a cold glass of lemonade. Thank you for writing!

  2. Thank for the photos. I love seeing what “the big house” looks like inside. I am in awe of your family learning all that you dd to make this a reality. Thanks for sharing it and inspiring the rest of us!

  3. Very good post about family time and importance of working together.

  4. So happy and excited for you and your family Hari, your dream house is truly beautiful. Xxx

  5. Dear Hari,
    I have been reading your posts for about the last year and have found them to be so inspirational. I purchased an acre of land close to where I live in New Mexico. I bought an 8X20 trailer to start building my little home on but it was stolen in January. I was real sad for a while but I kept praying and looking for another one. I just found a very small 7X12? trailer with a little building on it that was supposed to be some kind of food truck I guess. Any it is cute and has electricity so I think I can make it work for me to live in until my bigger tiny home is built. I will try to send you some photos and I welcome any ideas you have for it.
    Take care, Ginger