There are a million moving parts to transitioning into a tiny home/debt-free lifestyle and we remember really well just how daunting and uncomfortable figuring it all out was. Let us help you make the transition as smoothly and easily as possible with private consulting shaped around your unique goals and challenges.

Need building plans?

Ready to get started building?

Need a downsizing accountability partner?

Need help working with your building department?

We can help you achieve your dream with various levels of involvement.

We offer:

  • Design
    • We’ll work with you to design a custom home to fit your lifestyle. At the end of our project, you will have the building plans you need to realize your dream.
  • Construction
    • We’ll build it for you.
  • Consulting
    • Not sure where to start? Need help navigating the building process and building department? We will coach you through the process.

Ready to get started? Have other questions?

Send us a brief message with an overview of your project, your goals, and what we can help you with. We’ll create a custom package to meet your needs. Contact us.

We look forward to working with you.

After helping over 250 people get started on the path to mortgage-freedom, we've learned a lot more about what it takes, the pitfalls, the tricks and triumphs of living a zero-debt life of intention. We're taking what we've learned and creating a whole new series of courses to help even more of you reach your dreams. Sign up for our newsletter to get first dibs on the limited seats in our new course.