To have Hari and/or Karl speak at your next event, contact us.

We inspire folks to action–taking clear steps to realizing their dreams. Having us speak at your workshop, conference or festival puts a real-life spin on the tiny house movement. We prove that families can build their own homes without a mortgage.

We speak about

Simple Living

  • Recovering from financial ruin–reevaluating the “American Dream”
  • Downsizing
  • Debt-free living
  • Abandoning consumer culture
  • Homesteading
  • Mindful money
  • Mindful living and relationship building in the context of your space
  • Finding room for solitude, creativity and self-care in a small space
  • Fully inhabiting your space
    • Organization
    • Maximum space utilization
  • Parenting and family life in a tiny house
  • Cooking tiny
    • Food preservation
    • Kitchen management
  • Re-purposing

Building and Design

  • Tiny and small house design
  • Owner-building tiny and small houses
    • Solo building techniques
    • Systems
    • Salvaging and finding deals
    • Organizing a “barn raising” (group work day)
    • Minimal-waste building practices
    • Codes and zoning
    • Working with your building department