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We inspire folks to action–taking clear steps to realizing their dreams. Having us speak at your workshop, conference or festival puts a real-life spin on the tiny house movement. We prove that families can build their own homes without a mortgage.

We speak about

Simple Living

  • Recovering from financial ruin–reevaluating the “American Dream”
  • Downsizing
  • Debt-free living
  • Abandoning consumer culture
  • Homesteading
  • Mindful money
  • Mindful living and relationship building in the context of your space
  • Finding room for solitude, creativity and self-care in a small space
  • Fully inhabiting your space
    • Organization
    • Maximum space utilization
  • Parenting and family life in a tiny house
  • Cooking tiny
    • Food preservation
    • Kitchen management
  • Re-purposing

Building and Design

  • Tiny and small house design
  • Owner-building tiny and small houses
    • Solo building techniques
    • Systems
    • Salvaging and finding deals
    • Organizing a “barn raising” (group work day)
    • Minimal-waste building practices
    • Codes and zoning
    • Working with your building department

After helping over 250 people get started on the path to mortgage-freedom, we've learned a lot more about what it takes, the pitfalls, the tricks and triumphs of living a zero-debt life of intention. We're taking what we've learned and creating a whole new series of courses to help even more of you reach your dreams. Sign up for our newsletter to get first dibs on the limited seats in our new course.