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Below are several testimonials from Creating Mortgage-freedom course participants.


“One of the BEST things I did was sign up for this course about 6 months ago & it’s changed my life. I now have definite goals & am actively moving toward achieving them on a daily basis, thanks to Hari & Karl, who put together all this fabulous information in a wonderful e-course. Those of us from that class are STILL communicating about our journeys & it’s great to have this supportive community.” -Sue

“I think (I will speak for myself but I think that I can speak on behalf of the group) you did an excellent job with this course.  It was obvious that you spent a lot of time preparing and the end product was wonderful. ‘Build it and they will come.’ You built it well. Congratulations!!” -Celeste Mackenzie

“The lessons are such great resources for change & re-orientation. I can work on these things for years!” -Kristi Kincheloe

“THANK YOU so much for your wonderful course including good information, encouragement, and many new friends!!! The most important this I got from the course is courage: I believe I can do it!” -Linda Dillon

“The course was even more than I hoped for. All in all I feel like we are moving closer. With a 3 year plan I know we can do this! Thank you, Hari, I would still be dreaming and waiting for the “right moment” to begin in a BIG leap, instead of small manageable enjoyable skips!” -Mahealani Ahia

“Initially, I was not sure how the online forum was going to work for me. There were some incredibly personal disclosures shared–more than I ever expected! From this sharing grew a real sense of community. Your involvement was key in that, and I thank you for the time you gave to us all. Now that the course is finished, it will be a great means of staying in touch.” -Celeste McKenzie

First and foremost thank you from the very bottom of my heart for preparing this course, for sharing your wisdom, for having the courage and strength to share your journey with me and with everyone else. It was an amazing 10 weeks, well worth the price, and I have a lot to take away from it all. I feel like I know you, like I have known you for years because of the level of intimacy you exposed about your journey and process.” -Justine Figura

“Each post I see come in through my email as brought a much needed smile as it represents all my new friendships in this incredible class.  Thank YOU Hari and Karl for creating it and to everyone here taking it with me.” – Heather S.


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